Four startups selected to take part in Nailab’s iAccelerator

Nailab, a Kenyan based tech business incubator, has announced the selection of four startups to participate in iAccelerator, a program which focuses on promoting youth sexual reproductive health and rights.

The iAccelerator seeks to use technology to address the sexual (and health) issues among the youths in Kenya.

Following calls for applications and the I.AM campaign, 10 startups were shortlisted for the semi-finals of the selection process.

After 43 days of intense work, a Demo Day was held where the startups pitched in front of a jury, who went to select the final four startups to join the accelerator.

In no particular order, the four startups are described below.

  • SOPHIE BOT, an intelligent system that is fed with verified information on sexuality and sexual reproductive health and relays the information to its users through conversations that are driven by text or voice chats. Her features include anonymous forums and digital chat bots built in on the app, Facebook, Telegram, Messenger and Twitter.
  • DEAF ELIMU, a web and mobile based app that enables Deaf youth users to search for specific SRH information/words in Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) and to observe KSL stories and explanations about SRH through video content. It also incorporate a gaming and quiz aspect to the videos.
  • IMARA TV, an online system that crowd sources and curates youth generated video content on human development, sexuality and identity and whose content is peer educators accredited.
  • FLUID, a mobile game that seeks to combine fun and learning by bringing to life the theories learnt on sexuality and sexual reproductive health thereby helping a young person deduce, react and decide on situations through gamification.


The four startups will receive training, mentoring, access to co-innovation partners, access to diverse markets, access to the UNFPA network of partners, and seed capital of KES1 million during the accelerator, which will run from September to November 2016.

“Sustainable development cannot be achieved without assuring that all young people enjoy the dignity and human rights to expand their capabilities, secure their reproductive health and rights, find decent work and contribute to economic growth. This is what the iAccelerator is all about,” said Mr. Siddharth Chatterjee, UNFPA country representative.

The iAccelerator was organized in partnership with The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) with the support of several Government agencies, both local and foreign.

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