Four Pitch Day 237 startups selected to join Activation Camp

Four PITCH DAY 237 startups have been selected to join Activation Camp, an acceleration program implemented by ActivSpaces and Cameroon Angels Network.

In no particular order, the four startups are described below.

FELICITY, the best and easiest method to trade, customer loyalty and manage promotional campaigns.

KEMI STORE, an online platform that allows you to order products referenced on millions of online shopping site and be delivered to Cameroon within 15 days.

OZI PRESS, a digital kiosk Cameroonian newspapers that can be viewed on smartphones or computers wherever we are.

iDJANGUI, a mobile application to help manage financial transactions in a tontine.

The Activation BootCamp, which will enable the startups to grow, is estimated to worth about FCFA 4.6 million (US$7,836), including a cash prize of FCFA 1 million.

The four startups were selected after pitching, together with 8 other startups, to a panel of judges at the second edition of PITCH DAY 237, an annual program to support young Cameroonian entrepreneurs.

PITCH DAY 237 held on July 23, 2016 at ActivSpaces Douala in Cameroon, and had in attendance Rebecca Enonchong, Roland Kwemain, Eric Niat, Vice President AppsTech, Marvin Cole, CEO of Ovamba and others.

Activation Camp and PITCH DAY 237 are organized by the African Centre for Technology, Innovation and Ventures Spaces (ActivSpaces) in association with the Cameroon Angels Network (CAN).

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