ShowMax adds kid-friendly profiles feature across its apps


ShowMax, a South African subscription-based video-on-demand service, has announced it has added a new feature across its apps that supports multiple user profiles on a single account.

With this feature, users can simultaneously view different TV shows and movies on two different devices from a single ShowMax subscription.

In the same vein, two different profiles can be active on separate devices simultaneously.

The really important part of the feature, which customises the experience of individual users, is making it possible to limit the access of children to age-suitable material.

“With one subscription, parents can watch their favourite show on the big screen while the kids are watching cartoons on a tablet. The great thing about having profiles is the peace of mind that kids can’t accidentally stumble on something they shouldn’t be watching,” said Barron Ernst Chief Product Officer at ShowMax.

To further give parents peace of mind, profiles can be PIN code protected, and the watchlist and recently watched summaries from one profile are not visible to other profiles.

The feature, which is available on all ShowMax’s apps – Android, iOS, Apple TV and web – has four different age settings: younger kids, older kids, teens, and adults.

“Why are profiles a big deal? Different users can now customise their own experience, create individual watchlists and receive personalised recommendations. It’s even possible to set up themed profiles – one for romantic comedies and another for action as an example,” Ernst added.

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