FrontDesk will help you launch your business, and even provide funds if it’s impressive

Because it is still not-so-easy to launch an online business, Sharphire Global Limited, a company that builds amazing Internet startups [1], has launched FrontDesk to make the whole process easy.

FrontDesk helps you easily launch a simple website that enables you showcase, sell and receive online payments from anyone, anywhere.

The website will not only be simple and easy to navigate by customers, it will also be secure – https thingy because security is important especially when money is involved.

FrontDesk can be used by anyone, whether technical and non-technical entrepreneurs, to launch and grow their businesses with ease.

The amazing part is FrontDesk promises to invest and provide funding (including grants) to businesses it considers cool and impressive.

So that’s FrontDesk. Too short an article? Never mind…as long as you catch the drift. Did you? A quick one: FrontDesk ==> launch your business ==> you start selling ===> you live large. QED!

By the way, you might want to checkout Household, a top-notch home cleaning service provided by vetted top-quality professionals. It’s the very first business to be launched on FrontDesk.

10 years from now, FrontDesk would have empowered 10 million African entrepreneurs to create their businesses online – that’s it mission.

[1] The amazing startups are PushCV, 99Staff, 500dishes, Piggybank, and of course Household.

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