JUST IN: Iyinoluwa Aboyeji Has Left Andela To Start A Payments Company

Although the headline is clear enough but I still need you to get on your shock absorber and earmuffs ‘cos I’m screaming this again. IYIN HAS LEFT ANDELA!!!

According to this report, Iyin is leaving the company he co-founded with Jeremy Johnson some years back to start a payments company known as Flutterwave.

Flutterwave is a digital payments infrastructure that wants to change the face of payments in Africa.

The platform aggregates various payment methods to enable merchants, payment service providers and banks accept and process payments on any channel (Web, Mobile, ATM & POS).

On why he’s starting Flutterware, Iyin, in an email to his Andela team, said, “Despite all the entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in Lagos, businesses still have trouble conducting transactions that are an afterthought in most of the world,”

He added, “It’s a problem that is prohibitive to the future growth of the continent, and one that I felt I could no longer ignore. So I decided to do something about it.”

Since launch (although we don’t know when it did), Flutterwave has transacted more than US$20 million for clients that includes Uber Nigeria, Access Bank, Paystack, and Page Microfinance.

We hear Flutterwave has secured seed funds from some of the big boys in the industry – Y Combinator, South Africa’s CRE VC, and VCFintech, an Arkansas based accelerator.

At the moment, the San Francisco-based Flutterwave is live in only Nigeria and Ghana but plans are in the pipeline to launch in other African countries.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” comes to mind when you think of what Iyin is doing with Flutterwave. He’s basically walking the walk!

What I don’t understand however is why he has to leave Andela, especially when things looks to be getting really interesting. I’m sure a meeting will be convened to talk about it!

Whatever the case, it’s Iyin that knows why he took this step, and I’ll be expecting him to pen a masterpiece soon, just like he did when the tech community went gaga over an issue that, to some proponents, was a non-issue.

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