Ethan & Harriet to launch range of educational toys and Nigerian-themed puzzles

Nigeria’s leading educational toy company, Ethan & Harriet, has announced it will launch a range of educational toys and Nigerian-themed puzzles at an event in Lagos.

The company seeks to champion the preservation of the country’s cultural heritage through fun and games.

Among the toys to be launched is the Nigerian-themed jigsaw puzzles, which is the company’s flagship product. The puzzles help to further enhance the profile of Nigeria on the world stage in a fun and creative way.

The game will be of great benefit to Nigerians in diaspora as it teaches about the country’s history and captures attributes and landmarks. It can be played by children and adults as well.

“By officially unveiling our flagship products, we are bringing to light the importance of Ethan & Harriet’s heritage value proposition and highlight its benefits pertaining to education, youth development and tourism,” said Bunmi Wiliams, founder of Ethan & Harriet.

The launch will also serve as the commencement of the company’s operations in Nigeria. The company will, at the event, unveil its Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) initiative, Ethan & Harriet Pals.

Through the CSR, it aims to provide educational facilities as well as train the minds of both young and old Nigerians to think positively about Nigeria and Africa as a whole, charging them to get involved in the constructive development of our nation and continent.

“Ethan and Harriet is excited to be making this entry to the Nigerian market at a time where our children need to be taught proactively about their history,” Bunmi concluded.

The launch will take place on August 25, 2016 in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Founded in 2015, Ethan & Harriet aims to create awareness and reinforce Nigeria’s history one game at a time.

Many Nigerians are noticing a disconnect between some of our children and their African heritage, Ethan & Harriet intend to bridge this gap.

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