Ugandan startup, Winsenga places third at Start-Up Chile 15th Generation Demo Day

Winsenga, a Ugandan startup that designed an intelligent smartphone-based ultrasound alternative, has been adjudged third best at Start-Up Chile‘s 15th Generation Demo Day.

Following calls for applications, Winsenga, Ghana’s Vestracker and 95 other startups from across the world were selected to take part in the program.

All the startups received 20 million pesos (about US$33,000), a working visa for a year and access to the largest startup community in the world to accelerate their startups in Chile.

The program commenced on February 15, 2016 and culminated in a Demo Day on August 11, 2016, where 10 startups, out of the 97 that took part, were selected to pitch in front of a jury.

After the pitch session, the judges, who apparently had a hard time selecting the winner, picked Winsenga as the third startup in the program.

Through its device, Winsenga empowers doctors/midwives to accurately and easily monitor pregnancies and births – the device ensures births are safe and magical.

Having successfully completed the program, Winsenga is eligible to apply to Start-Up Chile’s new follow-on fund, SCALE.

SCALE offers 60 million pesos (approximately US$90,000) to startups that have significant traction, are generating revenue and needs extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America.

Start-Up Chile is a seed accelerator based in Santiago, Chile that was launched by the Chilean Government in 2010.

Its purpose is to attract early stage, high potential entrepreneurs bootstrap their startups using Chile as a platform to go global.

In 5 years, over 1,200 startups and 3,000 entrepreneurs from across the world have been part of Start-Up Chile, raising more than US$135 million and creating more than 1,400 jobs.

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