Jason Njoku’s Spark funds 23 years old entrepreneur

Jason Njoku, the founder of iROKO, one of Africa’s most successful Internet startup (just check this blog to see the number of press mentions), has announced it has funded a 23 years old entrepreneur through Spark, a company that builds companies.

The name of the entrepreneur and his/her startup [1] are unknown at the time of publishing this but Jason seems to be really upbeat about this move.

“Last week, Spark funded a 23 year old.  A truly amazing 23 year old who I believe captures the true essence of Spark 2.0 and whose journey I am excited to join,” Jason said in a blog post.

Although the amount of funds invested wasn’t stated, there are indications that the young entrepreneur may have secured something in the region of US$20,000 – US$50,000.

The funds will be used for the first phase of “experimentation”, helping the young entrepreneur build out his/her startup/product from whatever stage it’s in to a stage where humans can actually use it.

I personally cannot wait to see what this young entrepreneur that has caught the attention of mighty Jason churns out. It’s got to be industry-disrupting!

Talking about experimentation, Jason isn’t new to this. It was through experimentation that he got iROKOtv from just a YouTube Channel to where it is today.

What if the experimentation fails? Well, Jason will list it among failed startups here, pen an article on his blog about it and leave us all to rant (constructively or otherwise) while he moves on to the next one!

[1] We’ll get in touch with Jason to find out about the young entrepreneur and whatnot. You might want to check back for it!

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