aKoma Media launches media and content creation program for Africans

aKoma Media, a content platform and storytelling company focused on Africa, has announced the launch of a media and content creation program for Africans.

Known as Amplify, the program seeks young, dynamic multimedia content creators who will write compelling stories about Africa.

For six months, these creators will be immersed in the holistic and individualized program. The creators will fill a much-needed media and storytelling talent pipeline in Africa.

“Amplify is a great platform to find and nurture talented Africans who want to create amazing content, acquire and develop creation skills, and distribute their work globally,” said Zain Verjee, aKoma CEO and co-founder.

The program will be held in Nairobi, Lagos and Kigali, as such creators in the written, photo and video content spaces in both cities are encouraged to apply.

From the applications received, only twenty-five creators will be chosen to take part in the program. The creators will receive a monthly stipend and digital hardware as part of their program benefits.

aKoma Media is organizing the program in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation, which provide greater access to education, skills training and financial services for people living in developing countries, primarily in Africa.

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