Riders can now request a Little via USSD

Riders of Little, a Kenyan taxi hailing service launched by Safaricom and Craft Silicon, can now request a ride via USSD. They can do this by simply dialling *826# from their smart or dumb phones. It works same way as the ride hailing app.

“The idea behind Little powered by Safaricom is to provide affordable and convenient cab services to as many Kenyans as possible and I believe we are well on our way to achieving this through the launch of the USSD service,” said Kamal Budhabhatti, Craft Silicon CEO.

The feature, which will be particularly useful to users with phones without Internet connections, is expected to enable millions of Kenyans hail a ride without stress.

Launched in July 2016, Little, formerly Little Cab – name had to be changed due to trademark issues, aims to stamp its authority on the on-demand taxi hailing space dominated by Uber.

To do this, it promises superior services such as in-car WiFi, payments using M-Pesa, and cheap fares with no price surge. It even has a feature called Lady Bug, a female only service!

These features can be directly attributed to Little’s success so far – the app has so far been downloaded more than 23,500 times on iOS, Windows and Android stores, with over 1,400 drivers signed up.

Source: Think Business Africa.

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