Grit Systems’ Smart Meter shows grid power supply has improved in some parts of Lagos

So, there were reports that grid power supply has improved in some parts of Lagos, and Grit Systems, a Nigerian Internet of things (iOT) startup, made it a duty to ascertain if this was true.

The startup analysed data from its G1 Smart Energy Monitor used by three of its Lagos clients. The results are shown below.

Client 1: (Victoria Island vicinity)


This Client experienced improved power supply from the grid. In fact, they spent 24% more time on grid power in August than they did in July.

Client 2: (Yaba vicinity)


This Client experienced an improved supply of power from the grid in August. The number of hours they spent using it was 12% more than the previous month i.e July.

Client 3: (Ikoyi vicinity)


This Client didn’t experience an increase in grid power supply. They spent 9% more time on their generator in August than when compared to July.

So there you have it. According to Grit Systems, there was indeed marked increased in grid power supply in some parts of Lagos last month. However, we should know that these three clients don’t represent the whole of Lagos, which has over 16 million residents.

Founded by Ifedayo Oladapo, GRIT Systems develops web-enabled tech for controlling and gathering data about household & commercial electrical power consumption.

Its Meter, the G1, allows users to remotely view graphs, receive notifications and generate simple language reports about an arbitrarily complex power supply mix.