Mark Zuckerberg has landed in Kenya

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has arrived in Kenya – the second country he’ll be visiting in Sub Saharan Africa.

He made a stop at iHub, a Nairobi-based incubator and accelerator, where he met with developers and entrepreneurs, and learnt about mobile money, which he says Kenya is a world leader in.

At the iHub, he met two engineers who run a startup that allowed people use mobile money payments to buy small amount of cooking gas.

“It’s so inspiring to see how engineers here are using mobile money to build businesses and help their community,” Mark said.

Mark then proceeded to the MAMA Oliech Restaurant where he had lunch with Joseph Mucheru, former Google Sub-Sahara Africa Lead, and now Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Information and Communications.

While eating Ugali and one big fried tilapia, Mark talked about Internet access and his plans to connect everyone in Kenya with the Secretary.

His next move aren’t known but we can conveniently say he might have a town hall meeting with the Kenyan media and developers, probably visit Andela and have a jog (or a run if you like) with his close pal Ime Archibong, who’s Facebook’s Director of Global Product Partnerships, and any other person(s) who care to join.

One more thing: Mark might travel to one more African country – South Africa maybe – before heading back to the Valley to be with Priscilla and Max.

Mark Zuckerberg flew to Kenya from Nigeria, the first country in sub Saharan Africa he’ll visit. While in Nigeria, he met with developers and the media, Nollywood’s biggest stars, and entrepreneurs using Express WiFi to connect people to the Internet.

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