Mozambique’s Telecom Regulator To Disconnect Three Million SIM Cards By Year-End

Mozambique’s telecommunications regulatory body, Mozambique National Communications Institute (INCM), has once again threatened to disconnect three millions of mobile phone users who have not yet registered their SIM cards.

Citing a press release from the INCM, the Mozambique News Agency reports that starting from September to November, it will block mobile phone numbers that have not yet been registered by three mobile telephony operators, Mcel, Vodacom and Movitel.

The three companies had earlier issued a joint statement announcing the mass disconnection of subscribers who had not registered before a November 2015 deadline, although they had claimed that registering all the SIM cards was an enormous task and successfully lobbied the government to extend the deadline.

Mozambique’s government first demanded SIM card registration in the wake of the Maputo riots against price increases back in September 2010. It is unclear how many SIM cards have been registered so far and how many subscribers the three telecom operators have registered since then.

Via: AllAfrica

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