CcHUB is organizing an event tomorrow to celebrate recent milestones in tech industry

Co-creation Hub, Nigeria’s finest accelerator and incubator, is organizing a Tech BBQ to celebrate the recent (and future) achievements in Nigeria’s budding tech industry.

The guys at CcHUB didn’t specifically say what they’ll be celebrating but one thing is certain; Mark Zuckerberg’s sudden appearance in Lagos will be on the list.

For the uninitiated, US$54 billion that is Mark surprisingly springs up in Lagos two days ago and the first place he visited was the CcHUB. Now, that’s worth crying over (or popping champagne for).

For the future achievements, you’ll have to personally be at the event to find out. You can register HERE if you’re an entrepreneur, startup founder, developer, tech enthusiast or all of the above!

The event will take place on September 3, 2016 (tomorrow) at The Rooftop, Co-creation Hub, Sabo-Yaba, Lagos. A top British Minister will be in attendance!

Don’t miss this for anything. The Barbeque and drinks will be awesome!!!

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