UberEATS to launch in South Africa soon

UberEATS, one of the other products developed by Uber, the world’s popular ride hailing service, is set to launch in South Africa before the year runs out.

UberEATS is essentially Uber but for food. The service delivers the best of a city’s dishes right when customers want them using Uber rides.

The app has a curated menu which feature dishes from the local restaurants customers love and the ones they’ve always wanted to try (but haven’t due to one reason or the other).

Uber customers wouldn’t find it difficult using UberEATs because it works same way a hailing an Uber – tap the app, place an order, and the food gets delivered right at their doorstep!

At the moment, UberEATS is only available in about 29 cities, many of which are in the United States.

UberEATS will likely be launched in Cape Town and Johannesburg as Uber is currently accepting applications for certain UberEATS roles in these cities.

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