Aneto Okonkwo is leaving Google to start own company

After working with search giant Google for more than seven years, Aneto Okonkwo has announced he is leaving to start his own company in New York with some friends.

In a Facebook post titled “Part 1 – Deciding what to do next“, Okonkwo detailed why he was leaving, what influenced his decision to leave and what he was leaving to do.

To summarize the text, Okonkwo has identified problems he considers important in the world right now (just like Elon Musk), and he’s angry (like his sister) and wants to find solutions.

Okonkwo wants to solve unemployment and bad customer service, and that’s why he’s leaving Google to build a company. In subsequent posts, he’ll be detailing how he’s going to this!

While at Google, Okonkwo, who’s originally from Eastern Nigeria, was a Product Manager (his most recent post) where he worked on Google Now, Voice Search and the Google Assistant, including “Now on Tap”.

Before that, he led the payments and commerce team at Google for emerging markets, including Africa, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia and India.

Okonkwo has Bachelors and Masters Degree from Stanford University. He has been recognized as a TED Africa Fellow and a Nigerian Leadership Initiative (NLI) Associate.

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