New tech hub to launch in Nairobi ‘soon’

This post was updated on September 14, 2016.

According to the latest GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator report, there are 314 active tech hubs in Africa, but that number is about to increase by one as a new tech hub is set to launch soon.

The tech hub, a 3,000 square feet building, will be located in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya and will be open to both growth-stage African startups and corporates.

At the moment, details about the tech hub are sketchy but certain things are certain: Nest Nairobi, and Metta Nairobi are behind it.

We’ll be reaching out to both companies to find out more about the tech hub, and what they have in store for the African tech ecosystem.

Update: Muthuri Kinyamu, a founding member of Mettā, a global entrepreneurs’ club that connects people, ideas and resources for furthering business opportunities, got in touch to make some clarifications.

The ‘tech hub’ in question is a just a physical Mettā space in Nairobi where entrepreneurs applying for Mettā’s first Fashion Product Lab will be housed for the duration of the program.

The Fashion Product Lab is an 8-week programme in partnership with Nest, Association of Fashion Designers, FA 254, and for early-stage fashion-focused technology companies.

8 designers will be selected for the programme. They will receive dedicated mentorship and guidance from experts in the field to help turn their ideas and commercialise concepts into high-potential businesses quickly and effectively.

“We are excited, and extremely proud, to be able to take an active role in connecting the region’s most creative designers with experts in the field through Mettā’s global community. The successful applicants will also enjoy access to key individuals Nest as well as the VC’s expertise in growing and scaling businesses. The 8 weeks of content will form a very attractive programme for those looking to launch their very own fashion brand in Africa,” said Maurice Otieno, ecosystem development (Africa) lead at Mettā.

Applications will close on September 30, 2016. The programme will run throughout October and November in Nairobi.

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