Iroko launches IrokoX, a platform to showcase & promote African digital content

Jason Njoku founded African digital entertainment company, Iroko, has announced the launch of a platform to showcase and promote creative works of African digital content creators.

Known as IrokoX, the platform, claimed to be Africa’s only full-service, cross-media Multi-Platform Network, aims to create, distribute and monetize African digital content for the promotion and benefit of creators and producers.

IrokoX will do this through its world class in-house video editing and graphic design team, who have several years of experience in media, entertainment, and financial analysis.

The team will provide services such as content production & promotion, programming and branded sponsorship campaigns, existing media channel management and global content distribution.

Africa’s digital content creators – filmmakers, musicians, and other creative aspirants – will be able to use IrokoX to produce, distribute and monetize new and original short-form video content (3 – 5 minutes).

“It  will operate on an 80/20 split revenue share model for the majority of users—the artists get 80 percent,” said Oluchi Enuha, IrokoX General Manager.

He added, “We are going after something akin to a Maker Studios, whereby Africa’s professional and semi-professional creators can produce quality digital content, market it, share it with larger audiences, and get paid.”

Content creators will also have their creative works featured and promoted on Iroko’s global partner networks such as YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play.

These platforms, which it has distribution deals with, generated 1.5 billion views and saw Iroko pay out US$550,000 to content partners last year alone.

IrokoX will operate from Iroko’s offices in Lagos, London and New York, and leverage ROK Studio in Lagos for content production.

Applications are currently being accepted from both aspiring and established African creators who wants to use the platform to showcase and monetize their works.

Musicians, fashion designers, journalists, or anyone with creative works can apply. A few applicants will be selected and provided with production resources, sponsorship, and distribution channels.

“Creation. Distribution. Monetization; this is what IrokoX is setting out to provide for our continent’s creative pioneers, in order to capture and lead the fast-paced social media and online video market for the continent. Africa is brimming with creative talent, much of which is stifled by poor access to production facilities, or poor understanding of how to monetize content. With IrokoX’s considerable expertise in these areas, we are ideally positioned to support and develop thousands of amazing African and Africa-inspired content creators,”
Enuha said.

IrokoX will compliment iroking, Iroko’s Afrobeat download site, and iROKOtv, Iroko’s SVOD platform, which has users in over 100 countries.

Photo Credit: ROK Studios.

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