Y Combinator restructures, Michael Seibel becomes CEO

Y Combinator, an American seed accelerator described as the world’s most powerful startup incubator, has undergone sweeping changes which sees Michael Seibel becomes CEO of YC Core, or simply YC.

A political science graduate from Yale University, Michael Seibel was a co-founder and CEO of Justin.tv from 2007 – 2011 and the co-founder and CEO of Socialcam in 2012.

During 2012, Socialcam participated in Y Combinator, raised angel financing from a group of amazing investors, and sold to Autodesk Inc. for US$60 million.

In 2014, Justin.tv became Twitch Interactive and under the leadership of Emmett Shear and Kevin Lin sold to Amazon for US$970 million.

Michael Seibel was a part time partner at Y Combinator from January 2013 – October 2014 before becoming a partner from that time till few hours ago.

As CEO of YC, Michael Seibel will be responsible for the administration and success of the YC Fellowship, which will be replaced with a much larger MOOC launching next year.

Wanna meet up with Michael Seibel? He’ll be at Ventures Platform, that unusually stylish tech hub, in Abuja on September 27, 2017.

President of Y Combinator, Sam Altman, who announced the changes some hours ago, will now be President of YC Group.

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