Google’s new feature “shop the look” lets you shop directly from search results

If you’re looking for the right outfit to wear to that special occasion, where do you go to? Would you fancy the idea of shopping the look on Google?

A new Google feature called “Shop the Look”  let’s you search for specific outfits and receive photos and purchase links right from the results page.

According to Google, it would start out by partnering with sites like Polyvore and, The program is part of Google’s overall shopping ad product, so that down the line big-name retailers may be  to sell clothes using the tool as well.

Shop the Look is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to make its search engine more powerful and useful, in hopes users won’t spend their time in mobile apps instead by adding this features into search, allows users to do more than covet a look sported by a fashion blogger or celebrity — it lets them shop the exact product simply by “tapping through and exploring the relevant products shown in the form of shopping ads.

Just a few months ago, Google has outfitted search with solitaire and tic-tac-toe games and a symptom search system for self-diagnosis.

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