Andela Nigeria is accepting applications for a female-only developer cohort

In a bid to bring technology opportunities to women, Andela Nigeria has announced its Fellowship Cycle XVII will be female-only, and it is already accepting applications.

The Fellowship is a four-year, paid Technical Leadership Program designed to turn participants into kickass software engineer.

During the course of the training, participants will work with top global tech companies to help them become excellent in the professional and technical skills needed to become a technology leader worldwide.

If you’re female, hardworking, detail oriented and have a passion for technology, you might want to apply by October 30, 2016.

The applications process will be in four stages: Application and Aptitude Assessment; Home Study; In-Person Interview; Two-Week Boot Camp, and Acceptance.

Andela was founded on the principle that brilliance is evenly distributed. They believe that talent is gender neutral, and are thrilled to help build the world’s next generation of female tech leaders.

The company is developing high-quality technology talent across the African continent that will power the growth of current and future tech-enabled businesses around the world.

Earlier in March, Andela announced its first female-only developer cohort in Nairobi, Kenya.

Image via Andela.

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