You can now express yourself more on Twitter, but it’s still 140 characters

You read that right. Twitter isn’t ditching the 140 character limit just yet (that’s one feature that stands it out) but you can now express yourself a little more.

Express yourself a little more because photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote tweets will no longer count towards your 140 characters.

Reactions on Twitter have been mixed with some suggesting they would love to see an “edit” button, which will allow them edit a tweet.

These new features were first announced by the company back in May 2016. Already, users can Retweet or Quote their own Tweets, and don’t need to put a dot before @ for everyone to see their tweets.

This news is a slightly good development, especially since GIFs, memes, vids and whatnot are now commonplace on Twitter, and they won’t count as characters anymore.

However, Twitter shouldn’t forget a lot of its users would love to express themselves more with text (they should carry out a worldwide poll and see the results).

As such, they should look into allowing users express themselves with more text (280 characters could be a cool start). I mean Apple ditched the jack, introduced AirPods and nobody has died!!!

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