Unmissable tweets from Michael Seibel Fireside Chat at Ventures Platform

Y Combinator CEO, Michael Seibel and COO, Qasar Younis have been in the country for a few days now on YC Office Hours, a tour to enable them learn more about Nigeria’s budding tech community.

This tour has taken them to various events in Lagos such as OIIE’s StartUP Friday, which happened on September 23, 2016 and TechCircle’s fireside chat on September 24, 2016.

Today, Michael Seibel was at Ventures Platform, that unusually stylish tech hub, in Abuja for Office Hours and a fireside chat. Paystack CEO, Shola Akinlade, was there too!

During the fireside chat, the host tweeted important information that every (tech) entrepreneur shouldn’t miss, especially those aspiring to get into Y Combinator, the world’s most powerful startup incubator.

But we know some of you will miss them (and prolly not even know about the event), so we decided to put ’em all in one place so you could easily access them and learn from them.

So, here it goes. Enjoy!!!












So, there you have it. Pretty important info huh?? What struck me particularly was when Seibel said “…and third, keep on building your company. The most important thing is to keep on building your company. Keep on growing. Don’t look for investors to validate you.” I couldn’t agree with him more!

Seibel will be in Lagos tomorrow to attend Starta‘s second Coffee Chat Series at Cafe Neo in Victoria Island. He will be teaching attendees how to start a startup.

You can book a ticket here asap or join the livestream if you can’t attend.


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