Jumia Local is Jumia’s way of helping local businesses grow


Ever so often, we’ve all been reminded of the need to support/patronise local businesses as it’s the best way to grow the economy. Remember the #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira campaign?

Jumia, Nigeria’s leading online retailer, is leading this charge (and also letting us know change begins with them) through the launch of Jumia Local.

Jumia Local is basically a dedicated store housing thousands upon thousands of quality and affordable made-in-Nigeria products.

The platform is killing several birds with one stone – help entrepreneurs showcase their products, bring in customers to buy the products, create job opportunities and boost our sleep-mode economy.

These entrepreneurs will showcase their products on Jumia Local at a 0% commission, meaning they keep 100% of the sales proceeds for the first six months.

This will enable them re-invest that money into scaling their business.

Also, Jumia will promote their products through online and offline channels like jumia.com.ng, social media, the Jumia Mobile app, billboards, radio and so on.

Jumia Local will officially launch on Independence Day (October 1, 2016). There’ll be a press event/business exhibition at Ayo Van Elmar’s Fashion Cafe, Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

“To build a sustainable and healthy ecosystem for Nigeria, we need to focus on products made in Nigeria. The change starts with each and everyone of us and Jumia will lead the way by taking the responsibility to promote our own Nation’s products,” said Bili Sule, Head of Business Development, Jumia Nigeria.

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