UberEATS now available in South Africa

UberEATS, an on-demand food delivery service run by Uber, the world’s popular ride hailing service, is now available in South Africa, the first country in Africa.

Uber first announced it will launch the service in Africa (and South Africa) back in June 2016 before recently announcing applications for certain UberEATS roles in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The service is now available in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, with Gauteng province Cape Town getting the service in 2017.

“Johannesburg was the first city in Africa to have Uber launch and based on the success of launching in Africa as well as the characteristics of Jo’burg and where we are right now in terms of our maturity it is really about testing the product and being the first city in Africa,”
said Dave Kitley, Uber Operations and Logistics Manager.

Although Kitley stated there are no imminent plans to launch the service in other parts of Africa, Uber might end up doing the opposite, especially if it proves successful in Johannesburg.

UberEATS is essentially Uber but for food. The service delivers the best of a city’s dishes right when customers want them using Uber rides.

The app has a curated menu which feature dishes from the local restaurants customers love and the ones they’ve always wanted to try (but haven’t due to one reason or the other).

Requesting meals via UberEATS is as simple as requesting an Uber – tap the app, place an order, and the food gets delivered right at their doorstep!

With the launch in Johannesburg, UberEATS is now presently available in exactly 36 cities, many of which are in the United States.

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