Last chance to apply for Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 funding cycle

Y Combinator (YC), the world’s most powerful startup incubator, is accepting applications for its Winter 2017 funding cycle which will, as usual, take place in Mountain View, California.

YC’s funding cycle, which usually takes place twice a year, sees it invest small amount of funds (US$120,000) in multiple companies.

These companies are housed in Silicon Valley for 3 months and mentored, coached, trained and given the ‘panel-beating of their life’ to get ’em all into shape for potential suitors investors.

The program ends in a Demo Day, where the startups pitch their companies to a carefully selected, invite-only audience (many startups have gone on to raise funds thereafter).

Though the program ends after Demo Day, YC and its alumni network will continue to provide the startups support for as long as they can.

Winter 2017 will be no different (although the excitement might go a notch up) from the other funding cycles. Startups (including those from Africa) should apply by October 4, 2016. It’s pretty easy to apply!

Startups that show the most promise will be invited to the States on October 28, and after interviews, Y Combinator picks the startups it wishes to invest in.

The Winter 2017 funding cycle will run from January to March 2017 at YC HQ in Mountain View, California.

That’s it guys…go for it😎!!!

By the way, Y Combinator is called the most powerful for a reason: it has made 1,081 investments in 982 Companies with one IPO and 131 acquisitions (as at today).

Many of the companies it has invested in are based outside the US. In fact, about 30% of its Summer 2016 cohort that secured funds were based outside the US (some are from Africa).

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