Ventures Platform launches Y Combinator-esque office hours

YC Office Hours has left an indelible mark on Kola Aina and the team at Ventures Platform (VP), that unusually stylish tech hub in Abuja, which explains why they’ve launched something similar.

They’ve called it VP Office Hours, and just like YC Office Hours, it is an avenue to help startups grow.

VP Office Hours, according to Ventures Platform, it is “a helpline for startups aimed to provide solutions to their business challenges.” Simply put, it is a biz clinic that provides startups business advisory services.

Participating startups can get help in areas such as business idea, product design, human resources, accounting/finance/tax, business model, market segmentation, and pitching techniques.

The event will run every Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Ventures Park in Abuja. Startups can start registering to take part. It’s free!

Launched in June 2016, VP hopes to become the most ideal community in Africa for nurturing disruptive and financially sustainable technology ventures that also have a social impact.

The incubator recently partnered SLUSH to search Nigerian startups for the 2016 Global Impact Accelerator; accepted seven startups into its inaugural 16-week hybrid incubation program; and hosted Y Combinator CEO, Michael Seibel.

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