Monkey Post is a new game from the stables of game studio, ChopUp

If you grew up on the streets way back, you most likely played the kind of football where there are usually just 5 players, goal post is very small, there’s no goalkeeper and there are no rules.

I played football the street way and mehn, it was the Twitter when we were young – almost everyone played. FIFA now calls it Futsal. We call it Monkey Post!

Leading mobile gaming studio ChopUp, is bringing Monkey Post football back into our consciousness through the launch of a game that goes by the same name.

ChopUp’s Monkey Post starts the player off with a newbie team, allows the player to customize the team name, logo, jersey etc. The player can then upgrade each team’s skills as they progress in the game.

It has a league and tournament mode, which gives players more than enough room to proof their street credibility.

Monkey Post has the following features: 4 player levels, where each level determines quality and strength of player’s team; league mode with 4 leagues (Local, State, Continental, and international); and Tournament mode with 9 tournament matches per player level.

There’s a leader board that shows players street credibility and position alongside other players in the game.

To crown it all, the game has a great user interface and user experience with realistic arcade sounds.

Monkey Post will be launched ‘soon’. You might want to check back here to find out when it eventually launches, especially if you want to relive that experience.

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