SociaLiga wins FrontDesk Entrepreneurship Competition

SociaLiga, Nigeria’s fastest growing social football league, has won the inaugural FrontDesk Entrepreneurship Competition 2016 aka #SeeMyHustle.

The competition was aimed at equipping & encouraging Africans to showcase their businesses online in order to promote entrepreneurship and get more clients.

To enter the competition, existing or new companies were required to open a FrontDesk account, create a website and share same website by September 30, 2016.

Having fulfilled all stipulated obligations, SociaLiga was announced winner of the competition, receiving the ₦1 million cash prize at stake.

Its FrontDesk website amassed over 1.3 Million in sales, 2186 unique visits, 7700 page views and a 4.8 page rating.

Aside the cash prize, SociaLiga will also get free Publicity on Linda Ikeji, BellaNaija, Punch etc, full corporate branding and access to more business loans, investments & grants.

For the uninitiated, the SociaLiga is a platform for young Nigerians to continue to satisfy their interest in football as amateurs outside the top leagues in Europe and America in a more organized environment.

The Liga also organizes collaborative social events which require strategy and planning – hundreds of young people give their time offline and online to promote and bring these to fruition.

Its first event on December 19, 2015 at the main bowl of the CIS Sports Arena, Lekki, Lagos had over two thousand people in attendance.

The SociaLiga was established in November 2015 by its founding five teams; The Cubs FC, The Knights FC, The Reds FC, The Royals FC and The Saints FC.

Launched by SharpHire Global, a company that builds amazing Internet startups [1], FrontDesk’s mission is to empower 10 million African entrepreneurs to create their businesses online in the next 10 years.

[1] The amazing startups are PushCV, 99Staff, 500dishes, Piggybank, Household, and of course FrontDesk.

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