SA messaging app, Mxit has finally been shut down


The last time Mxit, a popular South African messaging app, was in the news, it underwent some changes which saw it donate its IP and tech assets to The Reach Trust.

At the time, it was stated the app will continue to be available to users, especially on features phones. The reverse seem to have happened however, according to this report.

The report stated the app has been finally shut down. Users can no longer chat with their contacts or access previous chats.

The app is surprisingly still available on the Google Play Store but users still can’t log in or sign up for new accounts – users’ comments on the Play Store are scathing!

Called the first mobile messenger (it was launched in 2005; some five years before WhatsApp came onboard), Mxit was incredibly popular, both in and outside South Africa.

It was used by more than 100 million people in emerging markets across the globe, and ran on more than 11,000 mobile devices, including feature phones.

Over time, the app grew into a mobile social network with so many other services such as free education, health and counselling, running on it.

However, the rise of other powerful messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat, meant activity and engagement on the app started to nosedive – active users dropped from 7.5 million in 2013 to just 1.2million in July 2015.

As such, this news wouldn’t come as a surprise to many – the handwritings were already on the wall.

The greatest loss however are the ecosystem of services on the app, which helped improve the lives of millions. All of them…all gone!

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