Starta’s next webinar is about raising funds for your startup

Starta, a business support platform for startup and SME entrepreneurs in Africa, has been organizing webinars for (tech) entrepreneurs for a while now.

The last one held in September and was about how non-techies can build a tech startup as non-technical founders. It was hosted by Nick Todd, CTO of Yhello Technologies (previously and GenomeAid.

This time around, the webinar is about raising money for your startup – tagged “How to Raise Capital Globally to Scale Regionally in Africa” – and will be hosted by Elizabeth Rossellio, founder/CEO of BitPesa, an African digital FX and payment platform.

She will be sharing her experience and tips for launching, scaling and funding startups in Africa.

She founded BitPesa in Nairobi, Kenya in October 2013 and has since grown the business across six African countries. The startup has raised about US$4 million.

BitPesa is also licensed by the FCA in the UK as an Authorized Payment Institution and offers direct access to every major African currency at one-third the cost of bank transfers or other brokers.

Before founding BitPesa, Elizabeth was a Rating Analyst in sub-Saharan Africa and worked as a consultant for Grameen Foundation, Gates Foundation and the Acumen Fund leading financial services investments across the region.

She began her career at Credit Suisse and has an M.A. in International Finance from Columbia University. She has lived in both Kenya and Senegal since 2009.

Just the perfect person to talk about raising funds to grow and scale your startup, huh? Sure she is.

If you run a post-revenue startup looking to scale across the continent or a growth stage startup seeking post-seed investments, the webinar is for you. It will hold on October 14, 2016 from 12 noon. Register NOW!!!

You’ll learn the top 5 tips for global fundraising; Dos and don’ts when pitching investors; 3 goals to set yourself up for success in year 1-3; How to share your story to excite non-African investors; and How to scale a Pan-African company across the region.

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