Introducing WeMove, an online bus hire service from Tiketmobile

You know how it is in Lagos during weekends (and even weekdays now). There’s always one sort of social gathering or the other happening in almost every part of the city.

The organizers of such events had to worry about a lot of things. Food for attendees, venue for the event, clothes they (and others, depending on the kind of event) will rock, and how to convey some set of people to the venue.

Yes, getting a vehicle (and a very good one at that) to convey people to the venue of an event, say a wedding or a place of interest with colleagues, can be hard.

Even our beloved serial entrepreneur, Osita Orji Nwoye, founder of Fonebase Labs, developer of Fonenode, Callbase and WriteRack, couldn’t find a good bus for a trip and he took to Twitter for help.

And help is here. Tiketmobile, a bus ticket booking startup, has announced the launch of a new service to ease the stress of finding buses for your events.

With WeMove, the new service, you can hire BRT, Hiace and Coaster buses to move people to venues of events such as weddings, conferences, group outings or just flexing in Lagos.

There’s not that much I need to say, except that at the moment, you can only call 👉 08086514565 or email to make bookings.


If you asked “What’s up with the call and email? Why can’t I just book this sh** straightaway online?”, I can only guess. I think the service is still a work progress, so they’re taking things slow and see how it pans out.

Remember Osita? It appears he has used the service and this is what he had to say.

“I concur. They were extremely effective, efficient and professional. I definitely will use them again. You should too.”

He has said it all and I believe him. You should use WeMove today!!!

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