Thomson Reuters launches innovation lab in Cape Town

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of news and information for professional markets, has announced the launch of a data and innovation lab in Cape Town, South Africa.

The lab, named Thomson Reuters Labs™ – Cape Town, will enable the company engage with the region’s innovation ecosystem and startup community to fuel growth and empower success for its customers worldwide.

The company will achieve this through innovation and partnership. It will organize open events and rapid prototyping to drive creative conversations among partners and customers, and partner startups and other partners to put new technology and business models into practice.

“Thomson Reuters Labs is an engine of innovation for our company, leveraging creative partnerships to deliver real solutions for our customers,” said Mona Vernon, vice president of Thomson Reuters Labs.

She added, “Through our growing Labs network, we continue to connect Thomson Reuters best-in-class data sets and professional expertise with innovation communities around the globe.”

The Labs provide capabilities across the many disciplines that constitute data science and deliver tools, analyses, dashboards, visualizations and proof-of-concept applications.

Housed at Bandwidth Barn, a technology-centered community in the heart of the region’s startup ecosystem, the lab was launched at the recently-held Thomson Reuters 2016 Africa Summit 2016 in Cape town.

FarmDrive, winner of the Thomson Reuters-organized Africa Startups Challenge, was presented its cash prize at the launch of the Lab.

“We are delighted to welcome Thomson Reuters to our FinTech cluster. Combining their deep industry expertise with our own incubation initiatives, we look forward to pursing our shared mission of innovation in business and technology throughout Africa,” said Ian Merrington, CEO of CiTi (The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative) and The Bandwidth Barn.

Thomson Reuters Labs – Cape Town is the latest location to open as part of Thomson Reuters Labs’ growing global network that also includes Boston, Waterloo (Canada), London and Zürich.

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