WorldRemit partners Express Union for money transfers to Cameroon

WorldRemit, a digital money transfer service, has announced a partnership with Express Union, a leading Cameroonian financial company, for remittances to Cameroon.

The partnership enables Cameroonians in diaspora to transfer money to family and friends back home using WorldRemit. The money can be picked up at Express Union cash pick up locations.

“Adding hundreds of new cash pick up locations to our Cameroon corridor translates into improved service, better choice and more convenience for our customers and their families,” said Catherine Wines, co-founder and Executive Director at WorldRemit.

Cameroon received US$244m in remittances in 2015 according to the World Bank, more than double the amount in 2010.

This partnership between WorldRemit and Express Union will further boost the inflow of remittances, which plays an important role in Cameroon’s economy, into the country.

“For Express Union, the No. 1 money transfer company in Cameroon, the partnership with WorldRemit is geared towards providing an additional means of connecting Cameroonian migrants to their relatives back in the country and local economic actors to foreign ones,” said Charès Nghoguo, General Manager at Express Union

He added, “By opening its 700 points of sale to the beneficiaries of WorldRemit transfers from abroad, Express Union is showing its civic commitment to solidarity, generosity, population welfare and Cameroonian development thanks to money transfers.”

WorldRemit operates a money transfer model that’s more efficient than the SWIFT infrastructure, allowing for cheap (when compared to other IMTOs like Western Union) international money transfers.

Its users now send more than half a million money transfers every month.

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