SA’s SPARK Schools raises US$9 million for expansion

SPARK Schools, a South Africa based independent school network, has raised US$9 million from multiple investors to expand across the country.

Launched in 2013, SPARK Schools operates a network of private primary schools dedicated to delivering accessible, high quality education.

There are currently eight primary schools across South Africa in the network, with SPARK planning to have 20 schools, which will have the capacity to serve 20,000 scholars, by 2019.

As such, the funds from series B funding round, which was led by Omidyar Network, couldn’t have come at a better time.

“This latest round of investment holds great significance for us at Spark Schools,” said Stacey Brewer, CEO of Spark Schools.

He added, “When we launched our first school three years ago, we committed to providing affordable education of the highest international quality for all South African children. This investment serves as recognition of the promise of our model, which has reached our 2,500 scholars and will now be poised to expand to exponentially more South Africans.”

SPARK Schools was started to provide internationally competitive high quality academic achievement to South African communities.

Their schools use a blended learning model – they are the pioneer in Africa – with adaptive software and individualised learning to accelerate learning and increase student achievement.

“SPARK Schools is helping redefine education opportunities in South Africa and beyond by providing an education that meets international standards,” said Vineet Bewtra, who leads Omidyar Network’s education investments across Africa.

He added, “We are confident that SPARK Schools’ quest to deliver elite-quality education much more affordably will provide the broader education ecosystem with valuable insights into ways of scaling effective education solutions in a more equitable way.”

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