Konga’s former VP of Marketing, Onyeka Akumah launches agritech platform, Farmcrowdy

Onyeka Akumah, an Internet and mobile entrepreneur who was Konga’s VP of Marketing at a time, has announced the launch of an agritech platform called Farmcrowdy.

Farmcrowdy, described as Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform, is a new way for Nigerians to participate in Agriculture using online technology.

Nigerians across the world can partner Farmcrowdy to commit an agreed sum to starting and completing a farming cycle. Farmcrowdy will use the money to sponsor a farmer in one farming cycle.

As a result of this, the farmer, who specializes in cultivating farms such as maize farms, cassava farms or tomato farms, will be empowered, their farm operations expanded, and help in the drive to end food scarcity.

The Farm partners, who could get between 13–25% return on their original investment made in the farms & farmers, will receive bi-weekly updates about their farm progress including pictures and videos from the farmers.

Also, Farm partners can visit their farms if they wish to at any point in time to learn about the farmer they’ve partnered with and the farm products they are working on.

According to a UN research, crop yields need to double within 40 years in order to keep up with the world population growth. For this to happen, it is important to create an efficient farming industry that operates on a large scale so that our food can be saved and our economy can rapidly progress,” said Akumah.

He added, “This revelation has prompted Farmcrowdy to join the farming industry through its Agric-Tech Start-up which makes use of technology to execute agriculture.”

Farmcrowdy has been in beta-mode since going live on September 14, 2016, and already, over 200 farm land spaces have been sold to more than 50 Farm partners that joined through its website.

The startup has also bought over 3,000 chicken birds as a result of the last 2 months of sponsorship from Farm partners. As it grows, Farmcrowdy will secure more farmland (about 10,000 hectares within a short period) to engage more farmers.

Farmcrowdy’s mission is to engage Nigerians, especially youths in Agriculture, empower small-scale farmers and increase food production to keep up with the growing Nigerian population.

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