User saves ₦1 million in 10 months on PiggyBank

When I penned the “8 interesting startups launched in 2016“, PiggyBank should have been top of the pile. For me, the startup is easily the best launched last year and it is so easy to see why.

The business of saving money has always been a difficult one. We open savings account with banks, use physical piggy banks, do daily/weekly/monthly contributions, et al, all so we could save money for the rainy days (common term used in these parts) but how does it pan out most of the time?

PiggyBank entered the scene to take the stress out of saving money and it has been doing exactly that. So, I wasn’t too surprised when the startup announced earlier this year it helped Nigerians save ₦21 million in under 6 months.

The big news today, which still doesn’t come as a surprise to me, is one of its users, Ms Yewande, has saved a whooping ₦1 million in ten months using the platform.

It wasn’t an easy feat because, although she’s very thrifty, just like the rest of us she still had problems saving. PiggyBank changed all that and she’s indeed proud of herself.

…I have always been a careful spender, but that didn’t stop the breeze from carrying my money away.. I would calculate how much i was earning, how much I thought I was spending and how much I was actually saving and I wouldn’t be able to  account for the difference. I used to delete my bank statements because i didn’t want to face the truth…Not Anymore!!,” she said.

She started using PiggyBank last year, saving ₦25,000 every week for 10 months.

Today, she has reached her goal of saving to buy a new car, and to have a mutual fund for ultimately buying a land in Ajah or participating in the Lagos Government housing scheme.

This is just one testimony out a slew of how useful a service PiggyBank is. Just like our dear sister, I expect to see more people share their PiggyBank stories. If peradventure nobody shares, I’ll do – yours truly is nearing his savings target and he’s excited about it!!!

If you’ve got problem saving, you should try PiggyBank today. Read the FAQs to get a true picture of the service (very important) and come back, with Nigerian Jollof in hand, to thank me.

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