Nigeria’s Comic Republic raises funds to expand portfolio

Comic Republic, a Lagos-based comic startup has raised an undisclosed amount of funds from two investors to expand its portfolio over the coming year, according to this report.

Launched in 2013, Comic Republic is creating a universe of superheroes for African and black readers around the world. Its cast of characters are often referred to as the “African Avengers”

Its most popular characters are Guardian Prime, a 25-year-old Nigerian fashion designer by day who uses his extraordinary strength to fight for a better Nigeria, and Hilda Avonomemi Moses, a woman from a remote village in Edo State who can see spirits.

Last year, the startup signed a multi-million naira deal with educational publishing outfit, Aviva Group Nigeria to have its Guardian Prime character printed on some of the company’s stationeries.

This fresh investment from angel investor Tseyi Hammond and Aviva Group – each invested seven-digit naira sums – will enable the startup make more productions and expand its portfolio.

“I am very happy and excited about the opportunity to work with the Comic Republic team as a non executive director. The company is well positioned as the leading character-based entertainment company in Nigeria and we aim to continue to grow its presence in Africa and beyond,” said Hammond, who joins the startup as non executive director.

He added, “Comics and animation had a big influence on my childhood and continues to do so till today. I am hoping the team continues this legacy of shaping young minds and providing entertainment for generations to come.”

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