Taxify is lowering its prices in Lagos

On-demand ridesharing app, Taxify seems to be getting serious about giving Uber and the other ridesharing apps around here a run for their money. It has announced a reduction in prices for its Lagos riders!!!

Prior to this time, its usual base fare was priced at ₦350, ₦81 per KM and ₦8 per minute. With the price reduction, its base fare is now priced at ₦200, ₦55 per KM and ₦5.5 per minute.

The new price regime brings Taxify’s average trip fare to ₦950, a little lower than that of its competitor which stands at ₦1,568 as a result of base fare being priced at ₦400, ₦90 per KM and ₦9 per minute.

Its drivers’ commission is still priced at 15% however, much lower than the 25% offered by its competitor. Taxify plans to make up for this through regular bonuses.

“While lowering the prices, we’ll be compensating our drivers with bonuses, to compensate the difference. Our focus is to provide drivers with better revenue per ride and keeping them happy with earnings and support we provide, which leads to ultimately better service for clients,” Taxify stated in post.

Taxify launched in Lagos November last year with the promise of offering riders affordable rides in clean and comfortable vehicles manned by efficient and friendly drivers.

This reduction in price is a welcome development, since riders will now have to pay less to their destinations, and shows Taxify doesn’t joke with promises, which is such a good thing considering people forget promises far too easily.

Whether this new price regime will be sustained is a different kettle of fish. It is hoped Taxify doesn’t change its mind and introduce another price regime, an increased one that is, same way it did 10 days after launching in Lagos.

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