Microsoft to deliver cloud services from data centres in South Africa

Software giant, Microsoft has announced plans to deliver its complete cloud services from data centres situated in Africa – Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa – for the very first time.

From the unnamed data centres, Microsoft will deliver Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 to businesses and individuals in need of them, thereby helping to increase access to cloud and Internet services on the continent.

“We’re excited by the growing demand for cloud services in Africa and their ability to be a catalyst for new economic opportunities,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft Corp.

He added, “With cloud services ranging from intelligent collaboration to predictive analytics, the Microsoft Cloud delivered from Africa will enable developers to build new and innovative apps, customers to transform their businesses, and governments to better serve the needs of their citizens.”

The service will become available next year. It will offer enterprise-grade reliability and performance combined with data residency to help enable the tremendous opportunity for economic growth.

Microsoft says this move is in recognition of the enormous opportunity for digital transformation in Africa, and is aimed at enabling every person and every organisation on the continent to achieve more.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft is delivering solutions for businesses in Africa though. It has helped 728,000 small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) come online, helping them transform and modernise their businesses in the process, and more than 500,000 already use its cloud services.

Also, 17,000 are currently using the 4Afrika hub to promote and grow their businesses while Microsoft Cloud has helped many Africans acquire job skills, with 775,000 trained on subjects ranging from digital literacy to software development.

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