Orange Liberia begin operations

One of the world’s leading telecommunications operator, Orange has announced its Liberian subsidiary, Orange Liberia has commenced operations in the country as it looks to provide superior telecom services to its over 1.6 million customers.

Orange entered into the country, which has a population of 4.6 million people and relatively low mobile penetration rate (70% of the population), by acquiring Cellcom Liberia last year through its subsidiary Orange Côte d’Ivoire.

Cellcom Liberia was in the forefront of making telecommunication services available to everyone in the country, becoming the first operator in Liberia to launch 3G (HSPA+) services in 2012, and then following it up with the launch of 4G LTE services in 2016.

Now that Orange Liberia has commenced operations fully in the country, Orange will continue to invest in the development of the network to allow it deliver superior services to customers.

Specifically, Orange will accelerate the network’s broadband deployment and expand its 4G penetration across the country, and enhance the network’s Internet quality by providing access to its submarine and international cable networks.

Also, Orange Liberia will benefit from two additional secure connection points in Abidjan and Paris that will multiply network capacity by four.

“Even in 2017, an important part of the Liberian population is still waiting for basic telecom services. We will invest significantly in network roll-out across the entire country, develop e-recharge in order to ease the constraints of scratch-cards loading, launch Orange Money, a new robust platform to boost mobile banking services in the country,” said Mamadou Coulibaly, CEO of Orange Liberia.

He added, “We will as well introduce new highly competitive offers and low cost Smartphones in order to boost digital inclusion. We intend to position Orange Liberia by 2020 as a true catalyst for the digitization of Liberian society.”

By becoming operational in the country, Orange Group reinforces its presence in West Africa, and Africa as a whole where almost one in ten people are already customers. Orange is now present in 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East with more than 120 million customers.

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