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Gearbox plans to launch a ‘GE Garages’ manufacturing program in Kenya

Gearbox plans to launch a ‘GE Garages’ manufacturing program in Kenya

Gearbox, a non-profit, open platform for hardware innovation based in Kenya is planning to launch a GE Garages manufacturing program to help build a skilled workforce and drive entrepreneurial development within the region. The program, which aims to develop a manufacturing ecosystem and contribute to bridging the technical skills gap in Kenya, will work with

Intel introduced Thunderbolt 3 with USB Type-C, support for USB 3.2, Display Port 2.1, more

Intel today introduced the new Thunderbolt 3 at the Computex 2015 event. It comes with a USB Type-C connector equipped with USB 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2 and PCI Express 3.0 support. It’s transport layer generates up to 40Gbps throughput, alongside an optional 100 watts of power for charging devices in accordance with the USB Power Delivery

Matriculants holding their Vigitabs

Vigitabs Allow OAU’s Online Distance Learning Students Learn On-The-Go

With partnership from Edutech Software Solutions, a Lagos-based Education Technology company that designed and developed an indigenous and comprehensive eLearning solution for the programme, the University has made it possible for its students to learn on-the-go, from anywhere in the world, for the first time.

intro_bkg is an Online Platform for Gadget Repair Solutions

The repair process for consumer gadgets has become a big problem in Nigeria, particularly when it comes to concerns of data confidentiality, trust, and the originality of the replacement parts used in fixing such items. So gadget-repair solutions are making their way into the market. One of such solutions is RepairAm, an online platform designed


Supergeeks Launches Electronics Recycling Platform

All of us have at one time longed for an environment where technical support, repairs and maintenance of our electronics were simple; stress free, and most importantly, done with expertise and attention to detail, but it just wasn’t existing at the time. Computer Village just doesn’t cut it anymore! Enter SuperGeeks. SuperGeeks is an after


Here are the Phones Slated to Get Google’s Android Update, Lollipop

Four months ago, Google revealed the biggest Android update yet: Android 5.0, or “Lollipop”. One of the biggest changes that will come with this update will be the introduction of Material Design — a new design language that emphasises more on shadows and colors. There are some other improvements too – Project Volta, back end


Lenovo May Be Trying to Acquire Blackberry…Again

BlackBerry’s struggling status has not seen much improvement, even under new administration – CEO John Chen – and the new BlackBerry Passport flagship phone. The company has experienced massive decline in its user base and is in an unenviable position. And now, takeover rumours are a-swirling. According to Benzinga, Lenovo could be the company trying – again


What To Expect From Samsung At CES 2014

As technology companies gear up to make big product announcements at this year’s International CES event in Las Vegas, Nevada which is expected to have more than 3,200 exhibitors and 152,000 participants from more than 150 countries, Samsung Electronics has given us a hint of what we should expect from the consumer technology giant.