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Rocket Internet IPO: A Look At JUMIA’s Numbers In 2013

Now that Rocket Internet, the German-based venture builder with stakes in JUMIA, the leading e-commerce site in Africa, is preparing to go public on October 2, we got a hint to look into its financials and see what the numbers say about its largest operation in Africa, JUMIA.

AMPION Venture Bus Africa

Ampion Venture Launches ‘Adopt A Startup’ Initiative

The crowdfunding campaign for this years’ AMPION Venture Buses went live on September 23, 2014. In order to fund extensive AMPION Fellowship Programs supporting the most creative and innovative startups built on the 2014 African Venture Buses, AMPION decided to break new ground in its funding approach. While the Indiegogo campaign Change through technology in

IMG_3187.JPG Is An Online Greeting Card Store

Ever needed to get someone a greeting card which allowed customization and specialization? No. Well, is a new start-up that serves as an online greeting card store that allows you to book greeting cards for occasions and allows customization. Greetings World is an online store that enables customers to customize a card, and the

Lagos, Nigeria

How Tizeti Is Bringing Affordable Uncapped WiFi Internet To Nigeria

For more than three years, Tizeti, a Lagos-based Information Communications Technology (ICT) provider has been deploying uncapped high-speed internet access to estates, offices, multi-tenant buildings, malls, etc using a next generation WiFi technology.


What are the most common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make?

This question originally appeared on Quora. What are the most common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make? Sometimes referring exclusively to venture capital-funded software startups — especially in online forums such as this — “entrepreneurism” traditionally refers to bootstrapped small business of any variety. Answer by Michal Ugor 1. Keeping your idea secret. This is one of


Africa-Focused Technology Logistics Platform, A-Post Plans Delivery To 10 Cities By End Of 2014

While working with leading online retailer in Africa, JUMIA, two entrepreneurs — Tunde Kehinde and Ercin Eksin — decided to team up and solve the problem of logistics, so they founded A-Post (or Africa Post) to deliver world-class logistics solutions to both businesses and consumers.


iROKO’s ‘Work-In-Progress’ International Offices in New York City [GALLERY]

We love spotting and covering company offices here at Techloy, but really haven’t done this in a while. In the past, we’ve had to do company office tours and written up quick reviews about them. So when Jason Njoku posted photos of iROKOtv’s newly acquired international offices located in Manhattan, just off Times Square, about

Robert Lamptey and Badu Boahen

EXCLUSIVE: Ghana’s Mobile Messaging Service, Saya Gets Acquired

Remember the mobile messaging service with the most audacious goal of becoming the WhatsApp for the world’s over 5 billion feature phones? The awesome app out of Ghana’s MEST that allows you to message your phone contacts, Facebook contacts and have anonymous streetchats at a go, even from a feature phone.


4 Latino Entrepreneurs Making Waves in the South American Tech Scene

Helping to fuel the economy with small, niche driven businesses, Hispanic entrepreneurs represent one of the fastest growing minorities in the US today. Here are some young, up-and-coming Hispanic entrepreneurs that we feel deserve more recognition than they’re currently receiving.


Funda Solva Wants To Fund You Through Crowdfunding

In this year, we have witnessed a small surge in the crowdfunding space in Africa and Nigeria. The likes of PushandStart and JumpStart Africa have commenced operations and are now welcoming ideas and submissions. Now it seems one more has entered the fray. Funda Solva (Funder Solver) is a funding platform for business startups and creative projects.


Aflix Is A New Mobile Hollywood Streaming App

Aflix (pronounced Aah-Flix), a mobile online video streaming app has just launched its new service in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Aflix enters the growing African Video-on-Demand space with a unique proposition; it provides a large library of Hollywood content at affordable prices to Africans via Android powered mobile devices. Aflix aims to place a diverse