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meQasa Launches Ghana’s First Multiple Listing Service

meQasa Launches Ghana’s First Multiple Listing Service

meQasa, a technology company based in Ghana has joined forces with Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA) to develop the first multiple listing service in Ghana which will act as the central database for the Ghana Real estate industry. The MLS will be available as and will be Ghana’s first multiple listing service to

IMG_0364.JPG Hits New Milestone, Now Has 6000 Hotels On Its Platform, arguably the leading online hotel booking platform in Nigeria has reached new heights. In a tweet by Founder and CEO, Mark Essien, the relatively young startup now has 6000 hotels registered on its platform as it plans to dominate the online hotel booking space. The online hotel booking space is a very competitive one


Jovago Gives Its Website A New Look

Jovago, an online hotel booking platform has redesigned it’s website and unveiled a more user-friendly website in order to make hotel booking more accessible to travelers in Nigeria and around the world. The new site aims to make booking of hotels more simple and cheaper by giving users the opportunity to filter hotels by amenities


440NG Is Hosting Investors For Its Demo Day

Earlier this year, two of Africa’s most active seed investors, 88MPH and L5 Labs came together to create 440NG to help boost a stronger culture of investing Nigeria startups and solutions.Earlier this year, two of Africa’s most active seed investors, 88MPH and L5 Labs came together to create 440NG to help boost a stronger culture of investing Nigeria startups and solutions.


iROKOtv Could Become A Billion Dollar Company By 2020 – Jason Njoku

Editor’s Note: This article written by Jason Njoku, which first appeared on his blog and republished here with his permission, highlights the major milestones of iROKOtv’s third year of digitising entertainment content for African Internet consumers, as it plans to become a billion dollar company by the year 2020. Jason Njoku is the co-founder and CEO of iROKOtv.


IroFit: A Seamless Mobile Payment Platform

IroFit Is an integrated mobile payment platform that aims to serve local merchants and business by helping them process their payments. IroFit provides a seamlessly integrated mobile platform for small businesses to accept card payments and organize growing operations: all with a mobile appand an EMV-certified card reader. It also provides support for small business

Google Brings Its Startup Launch Programme To Africa

Google has introduced its Startup Launch programme to hundreds of entrepreneurs in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa in a bid to help them fast track their tech start-ups with, yeah you guessed right, Google products. In case you don’t know, Startup Launch which was launched in June “provides startups in all stages with


What Attracts Investors to Startups? – A Comprehensive List

Yesterday, we published  post with this same title, but with an in-depth explanation on what seasoned investors want from startups. Henry Wong’s answer on the question, which appeared on Quora, was very explanatory, but David S. Rose’s answer, which was voted best answer, is a compacted list of the specific requirements. A check list, so


Knitle Wants To Use QR Codes To Make Payments And Check Out A Lot Easier

Queues on checkout lines at super markets and grocery stores are extremely discouraging; many people look forward to the day they can circumvent them. Knitle is a Nigerian startup that may be able to do just that. The startup is dedicated to turning around retail payments and checkouts, to make grocery shopping easier, by applying

intro_bkg is an Online Platform for Gadget Repair Solutions

The repair process for consumer gadgets has become a big problem in Nigeria, particularly when it comes to concerns of data confidentiality, trust, and the originality of the replacement parts used in fixing such items. So gadget-repair solutions are making their way into the market. One of such solutions is RepairAm, an online platform designed


Supergeeks Launches Electronics Recycling Platform

All of us have at one time longed for an environment where technical support, repairs and maintenance of our electronics were simple; stress free, and most importantly, done with expertise and attention to detail, but it just wasn’t existing at the time. Computer Village just doesn’t cut it anymore! Enter SuperGeeks. SuperGeeks is an after


Online Marketing Essentials for Every Startup

“Consumers Will Punish Brands that Fail to Respond on Twitter Quickly.” Startups are often in need of cash and time, and overwhelmed with tasks. They cannot carry out every marketing activity in the book, and certainly don’t have the finances to spend all the money they want. But they still need to do marketing. How? Adapted