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Online Marketing Essentials for Every Startup

Online Marketing Essentials for Every Startup

“Consumers Will Punish Brands that Fail to Respond on Twitter Quickly.” Startups are often in need of cash and time, and overwhelmed with tasks. They cannot carry out every marketing activity in the book, and certainly don’t have the finances to spend all the money they want. But they still need to do marketing. How? Adapted


“We don’t invest in innovative ideas” –

When accelerator, released the list of nine startups that they had selected to invest in, the Nigeria tech scene was in an ‘e-uproar’. The accelerator received a backlash in form of negative commentary. Whether the backlash was deserved or undeserved is a matter of opinion but has released a blog post addressing the

AMPION Venture Bus Africa

MTN, SAP, Microsoft, Inmarsat and Merck sponsor AMPION Africa

AMPION has announced that four leading global IT, healthcare and satellite giants are joining forces with the NGO to enable entrepreneurial talent in Africa to develop innovative solutions on the continent by making best use of the power of mobile technology. African mobile phone network provider, MTN as well as SAP and Microsoft will financially support AMPION’s 2014


Rocket Internet IPO: A Look At JUMIA’s Numbers In 2013

Now that Rocket Internet, the German-based venture builder with stakes in JUMIA, the leading e-commerce site in Africa, is preparing to go public on October 2, we got a hint to look into its financials and see what the numbers say about its largest operation in Africa, JUMIA.

AMPION Venture Bus Africa

Ampion Venture Launches ‘Adopt A Startup’ Initiative

The crowdfunding campaign for this years’ AMPION Venture Buses went live on September 23, 2014. In order to fund extensive AMPION Fellowship Programs supporting the most creative and innovative startups built on the 2014 African Venture Buses, AMPION decided to break new ground in its funding approach. While the Indiegogo campaign Change through technology in

IMG_3187.JPG Is An Online Greeting Card Store

Ever needed to get someone a greeting card which allowed customization and specialization? No. Well, is a new start-up that serves as an online greeting card store that allows you to book greeting cards for occasions and allows customization. Greetings World is an online store that enables customers to customize a card, and the

Lagos, Nigeria

How Tizeti Is Bringing Affordable Uncapped WiFi Internet To Nigeria

For more than three years, Tizeti, a Lagos-based Information Communications Technology (ICT) provider has been deploying uncapped high-speed internet access to estates, offices, multi-tenant buildings, malls, etc using a next generation WiFi technology.


What are the most common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make?

This question originally appeared on Quora. What are the most common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make? Sometimes referring exclusively to venture capital-funded software startups — especially in online forums such as this — “entrepreneurism” traditionally refers to bootstrapped small business of any variety. Answer by Michal Ugor 1. Keeping your idea secret. This is one of