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Anakle conducts mock US Presidential election, and Hillary won

Anakle conducts mock US Presidential election, and Hillary won

The United States of America, God’s own country, is the cynosure of all eyes today. Because Presidential election. Citizens are already casting their votes to decide whether it’s Hillary or Trump who steps into the Oval office. Nigerian digital agency, Ankle decided to have some fun in its office earlier today, and what other way

How Twitter Is Reacting To Fresh Attacks by Herdsmen in Benue State

For several weeks now, Fulani herdsmen have carried out consistent attacks on communities in Benue State of Nigeria leaving scores of persons dead, which has elicited several reactions from sadness to indifference among Nigerians on Twitter. According to a Channels TV report, survivors and victims of herdsmen attacks in Logo and Ukum council areas in

Facebook tests new reporting tool to improve its real name policy

In an effort to make its fake name reporting tool abuse free, Facebook is experimenting with a new tool guideline off its name policy that’ll require users input more details about their rationale behind wanting to take down someone’s id on the social network. This makes sense because in our present world, random haters just

Mozilla’s Firefox 64-bit version for Windows arrives

Mozilla has finally released a 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows and as you might guess, is compatible with devices running Windows 7 or later. While you shouldn’t expect the browser to offer a better performance instantly, this first 64-bit based release promises improved security, wider web app support as well as other in-app upgrades.

LinkedIn refreshes its job listing page, now surfaces more personalized insights

LinkedIn’s been about trying to bring the right jobs closer to you. And as part of its effort to accomplish that, just gave its job listing page a new refresh that now makes it concerned with the platform’s personalities profile data. The updated job listing page now surfaces more than just requirements, — insights about

Google’s music streaming service Play Music arrives South Africa

Google has launched its recently refreshed subscription-supported Play Music streaming service in South Africa giving users access to stream over 35million tracks catalogued on the platform. The service available on Android, iOS and the web, comes with a host of features including the ability to upload up to 50,000 songs from your local storage to

Mozilla to remove ads from tiles that pop up when you open a new Firefox tab

Mozilla has announced that in the next few months it’ll be taking down the Tile Advertisement Experiment on Firefox browser. What this means is you would no longer see those ads that usually pop up in tiles when you launch a new tab. The company makes clear its rationale behind the move to end the

Google is prepping to release a new data saver feature on Chrome for Android to users on slow connections

Google in a bid to better the load time of mobile web pages, has been opening up few of its attempts at solving that to early testers. An example is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a Facebook Instant Articles-esque tool for the mobile web set for release soon. The search company is again prepping to roll

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project to arrive early next year

Google’s new open source project Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) built to make better the performance of the mobile web will be arriving early next year, according to a report from the company yesterday. The project which already has close to 30 publishing partners including The Guardian and The Washington Post integrating it as part of

Google received 65 million requests to takedown pirated content links from search results last month

Publishing copyright holders may seem to have found a little way of assaying to crack down on pirated content in search results, and have been intensely driving home on that — takedown requests of late. Following a number of requests from publishers, Google has had to tweak its search algorithm to position the pageRank of

Google+ redesign in new update focuses on communities

Google has given its social network Google+ a full redesign across all devices that focuses on Communities and Collections, thanks to users feedback. The company fine-tuned the social platform with focus on both features to improve discovery and meet users need. Communities lets different niched buffs like horologists, painters or gamers share and talk about

BBC World Service launches African-designed BBC Minute Catchup

The BBC World Service has launched a new digital prototype media player, dubbed BBC Minute CatchUp in its bid to reach the large young African audience online through social and digital media outlets. Designed by Cape Town’s social enterprise hub, RLabs from a hackathon held earlier this year by BBC World Service and BBC digital

Facebook’s Slideshow makes it easy to serve video ads in developing countries

Video content consumption online is apparently increasing everyday with people even wanting more engagement on mobile, but connectivity varies around the world — slow and expensive in developing countries, and that poses a challenge to businesses trying to serve video ads to people within their target audience in such areas. In a bid to allow

Google introduces YouTube Red, it’s ad-free membership video streaming service

There’s been speculations going on around the Interwebs of Google outing an ad-free membership video service off YouTube in the near future, and today the company finally gave a positive reply to the rumours by unveiling YouTube Red. YouTube Red is a $9.99/month subscription video service built to offer users the best streaming experience across