AdPlacers is an Advertising Placement and Management platform that allows individuals, Agencies and Corporate brands to place and monitor their campaigns on leading websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, BBC etc.

AdPlacers adopts a “one platform for all” approach which allows you to place and also monitor the progress on your ad campaigns across platforms.

The AdPlacers network provides access to hundreds of local websites that would give your business the online brand awareness that is needed – thereby providing opportunities for publishers to add their website to the increasing list of Adplacers’ 3rd party networks and earn transparently, while advertisers can select networks relevant to their business to promote campaigns.

The AdPlacers Network delivers over 2 million impressions daily to online targets in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana on local and foreign sites, making it the #1 AdNetwork, Placement and Management platform in Africa, trusted by leading brand advertisers to deliver quality and targeted audiences.

AdPlacers is committed to delivering unrivaled reach and performance both on Web and Mobile.

Adplacers is a specialized product developed for the advertising industry by Flying Antlers Limited team with over 20 years combined experience in marketing and product development across advertising and other industries.