Since we believe that life is an opportunity of a lifetime, we’d love to help you discover those other opportunities that could make it worthwhile for you.

Through our jobs board, we provide job opportunities for IT/technology, web, mobile and digital media professionals in diverse industries within the African region.

If you’re looking to build your voice, creativity or career in a fast-growing technology media start-up with an international team with vast experience, you’re in the right place.

At TechLoy, we’re always in search of entrepreneurial talents, including writers, developers, designers as well as interns and analysts for part-time or full-time gigs.

As a technology media start-up based in Lagos, Nigeria with a dedicated team located around the world, working from their own ‘office spaces’ but interacting daily with each other, TechLoy seeks entrepreneurial talents looking to make a huge impact within the global tech media space.

We pride ourselves as the number one technology blog in Nigeria and one of the most influential technology news sites in Africa. You too can be part of our growth and success as we continuously change the face of technology reporting in Africa one story at a time.

Joining TechLoy

If you’re interested in joining TechLoy as an editor, writer, business developer, event organizer, web/mobile developer, designer, cartoonist, photog or videog, kindly send a motivation essay of not more than 200 words about your interests and passions, why you want to work for us and what you hope to achieve while working with us.

Your motivation essay should include a link to your LinkedIn profile and sent to editor [at] TechLoy provides remuneration based on online media standards and offers ownership stake to some TechLoy‘ers.

TechLoy staff are required to have unlimited access to the Internet as well as via mobile devices. From time to time, you may be required to travel for events coverage within Nigeria or elsewhere. Still, working at TechLoy gives you flexibility to focus on other passions and interests as long as there are no conflicts of interest. So naturally, you’re your own boss :)

If you’re based in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, London, New York and Silicon Valley and would love to be a TechLoy reporter or correspondent in these cities and countries, we’d be glad to hear from you.

TechLoy also welcomes thought leaders and experts in their own field to contribute articles from time to time. They are not paid, but have the opportunity to expose their business or brand on TechLoy.

We look forward to welcoming you to TechLoy soon!