Adedeji Kadri

Adedeji Kadri as pioneering Chief Executive of ZEESOFT comes with over twelve years of IT experience.

His experience spans various areas of IT some of which include enterprise data warehousing and data mining, e-business strategy formulation and execution, network management, enterprise IT project management, database optimization, Advanced IT training multi platform integration etc.

Before ZEESOFT, he was COO of the Network management subsidiary of WECO Systems Group, prior to that he was the chief Technology officer of Tavia technologies where he was responsible for promoting local capabilities in the execution and management of large enterprise projects for multinationals which prior to that time were being handled by expatriates.

Prior to that, he headed the R&D unit of Linkserve the largest ISP in Nigeria where he championed a lot of pioneering ideas like the customer roaming capability, the first by any ISP in Nigeria at the time.

Prior to joining Linkserve he was head of the data mining unit of FEES limited where he was responsible for helping various firms like banks and manufacturing firms get a lot of useful insight into their business data. He has a passionate believe in the empowerment and development of local IT talent.

He is a Graduate of Mathematics and Computer Science (with a specialization in Operational research and optimization) from the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO).

His hobbies includes Karate, Swimming, jogging and mountain biking.