Ademola Aladekomo

Ademola Aladekomo is the Managing Director of Chams Plc.

He is a highly experienced IT practitioner with some of the landmark achievements in the industry associated to him, as a result of his visionary capacity in IT.

He was responsible for the establishment of the first wide area networking on PC in Nigeria.

In addition, Chams, under his leadership was the first company to venture into card technologies in Nigeria and the applauded success story of Valucard is a brainchild of Sir Aladekomo.

He is a Fellow of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). A member of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) and a Fellow of Computer Professional Registration Council (CPN).

He holds a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Ife and an MBA from the University of Lagos (1985). He was part of the first Chief Executives Programme at the Lagos Business School in 1992.

He is the Chairman, Board of Trustees, Volunteer Corps as well as Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Smarctard Society of Nigeria.