Esoko is a powerful set of web and SMS tools that any business, project or government can use to affordably and quickly exchange information with members, suppliers or customers in the field.

Built in Accra, Ghana, by a young and energetic team, Esoko is a new technology that’s challenging businesses, projects and individuals to do more with mobile and to think differently about how they communicate.

If you have an agro-project or business, Esoko supplies the technology and the expertise you need to better integrate thousands of small-holder farmers into markets, communicate with clients and members, track stock and inventory, find buyers and sellers and pull interactive data from the field.

Using mobile phones, Esoko gives people and businesses the opportunity to share information quickly and affordably. Esoko provides a range of applications that both push updates out to the field, and, more importantly, pull data in from the field. Being better-informed helps everyone along the value chain and can play a vital role in how markets operate.