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Skits Is A New Advertising Network

In any type of business or set-up, marketing is key. That’s why companies pay PR agencies tons of cash for marketing and branding but the best form of marketing is when it is user generated- that is, word of mouth or virality. This is what ‘Skits’ is trying to do. Skits is a new and



Naija Rescue Alert App Wants To Make You Feel Safe

Over the recent years, the level of security in Nigeria has diminished. Cases like kidnapping, armed robbery and even bombings are no longer news to us and it’s sort of expected if these events happen at least once a day. This is why the good people at Delgrem Incorporation came up with the Naija Rescue



Is Facebook Dead?

Some few days ago, Facebook which is the world’s largest social network (just in case you didn’t know) with over 1.5 billion active users released it’s second quarter earnings for 2014. For the eight quarter straight, Facebook defied all norms in respect to projected revenue for a particular quarter.


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PayPal Is Coming To Nigeria From June 17

PayPal, an online payment platform which allows you to make online transactions and is widely used by millions of websites is entering 10 new countries this week, including Nigeria, according to Reuters.